Conference Registration is now open at this link. Refer to the Program Outline for the timings of the tutorials.  

ICCE-Asia 2017 hosts tutorials on Oct 5, in the areas of Machine Learning, Graphics and Compute. Details below.

Deepdive into TensorFlow - Manoranjan Padhy, Google Developer Ecosystem India

This tutorial will include introduction to TensorFlow, and walk-through with specific code-labs. The participant will be taken through concepts and algorithm internals associated with the code-labs.

Moving to Vulkan - Next Generation Graphics and Compute - Khronos.org

Join us for the Vulkan Tutorial organised by Khronos.org, which will introduce 3D graphics programming using the Vulkan API.
Tutorial covers comparisons with OpenGL for specific use-cases, detailed code walk-throughs to help developers adapt to the more complex Vulkan API.
Experts from Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore, NVidia and Qualcomm Technologies (QTI), will be the speakers.

*Note - Tutorial day pass entitles attendance for all tutorial talks. Individual tutorial fees will not be refundable.