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ICCE-Asia 2017 hosts tutorials on Oct 5, in the areas of Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, Graphics and Compute. Details below.

Deepdive into TensorFlow - Manoranjan Padhy, Google Developer Ecosystem India

This tutorial will include introduction to TensorFlow, and walk-through with specific code-labs. The participant will be taken through concepts and algorithm internals associated with the code-labs.

Moving to Vulkan - Next Generation Graphics and Compute - Khronos.org

Join us for the Vulkan Tutorial organised by Khronos.org, which will introduce 3D graphics programming using the Vulkan API.
Tutorial covers comparisons with OpenGL for specific use-cases, detailed code walk-throughs to help developers adapt to the more complex Vulkan API.
Experts from Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore, NVidia and Qualcomm Technologies (QTI), will be the speakers.

BlockChain for the Internet of Things - Soumya Kanti Datta, Future Tech Lab

It is estimated that 20-30 Billion of devices will be connected to the Internet as a part of different IoT ecosystems. These IoT devices will generate massive amount of data about consumers and enterprises. The traditional centralized security model will not scale up quite well for IoT on such massive scales. Blockchain and its cryptographic processes provide an interesting alternative. It is built for decentralized control and provides strong protection against data tampering. In this tutorial, Soumya Kanti Dutta will give an introduction to the background of Blockchain and then focus on how IoT implementations can benefit from it.

Soumya is a Co-Founder of Future Tech Lab, a digital transformation provider. His R&D focuses on innovation, standardization and development of next-generation technologies in Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Cyber Security. He has published more than 60 research papers and articles in top ACM and IEEE Conferences, Magazines and Journals. Soumya is a member of IEEE Consumer Electronics (CE) Society and leads its activities on IoT. He is also actively involved in oneM2M, W3C Web of Things Working Group and contributing to their standard development activities.

*Note - Tutorial day pass entitles attendance for all 4 tutorial talks. Individual tutorial fees will not be refundable.